Nourish Yourself


Have you taken the time to map out a clear picture of how you are going to nourish yourself daily?

To nourish is to sustain with food, and supply yourself with what is necessary for growth and good health. Eating the right foods begin with consuming healthy fats, protein, and whole foods. This provides your body with the proper nutrition essential for cell repair, disease prevention and wellness.

Observing what you eat, when you eat, and how your body feels as you move throughout the day is vital self-knowledge. This kind of information can not only inform you about which foods your body best responds to, but also how it affects your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

We often underestimate how important a healthy mind, a thriving spirit, and a fulfilled soul can do for us. To nourish yourself is to pay attention to what your spirit, soul, and inner self voice says to you throughout the day. This may require a reevaluation of your belief systems and thought processes.

It takes time to acknowledge, and accept what fulfills your need for a prosperous life of happiness and health. Nourishing yourself begins once you trust that you are your biggest wealth of knowledge. It is this in itself that can be transformational in your relationship with your mind, body and soul.

Abena Offeh-Gyimah1 Comment