Investing In Your Health


Why do we wait until we are completely drained to invest in our health and wellbeing? Do we not truly believe that we are worth it? And to what extend have we allowed the demands of everyday life to overtake our wellbeing?

We are often swamped with playing catch up in life, bombarded with constantly trying to figure out the next steps, and exhausted from believing that we are not good enough. Our jobs and/or entrepreneurial endeavors have taken over our lives. Our stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high, managing our time is becoming even harder, and we are constantly compromising our mental health.  What will it take for us to invest in our health?

To invest means to commit a resource or funds in the future for an expected benefit, it can also mean putting an asset into the future in hopes of receiving something better or obtaining desired results. An investment appreciates which means the value of the asset or the resource has gained value. To invest in your health in the most practical ways is to eat nutritious foods, exercise, sleeping early, and spend time with yourself. These are activities you are banking off for the future, and you reap the results of a well-balanced fulfilled life.

One of the best ways to invest in your health is to prioritize it. It is truly about valuing your health and wellness over other pursuits.

Abena Offeh-GyimahComment