Lately, I find myself making excuses when my body nudges me for attention and care. Why do I push myself to the point of wear and tear? Or, until my body says enough is enough? Making the necessary time to nurture my body feels like an overwhelming task. Have I come to the place of believing that I need to earn my wellbeing? The saying goes, do not fix what is not broken, and I say why wait until it is broken to fix it, especially when it is falling apart, piece by piece?

Modern life is difficult and our standard of living is becoming unaffordable. Our mental wellbeing is at risk, and we seem to be sprinting in this rat race. Does this mean that in the midst of our struggles, taking care of ourselves is a privilege? What quality of life do we aspire to have if we do not care for ourselves?

I grew up with parents who started juicing when I was in middle school. We juiced together as a family, and this taught me from a young age, the importance of investing in my health and wellbeing. Since then, I have been juicing for the past sixteen years, and I know the benefits of drinking my fruits and vegetables.

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To detox or cleanse means to rid your body of toxins, illnesses, and harmful substances. Our body knows how to naturally detox. The liver is our main detoxification organ. However, as we go through stress, consume unhealthy foods, struggle with mental illness, and inflammation, we starve our body from getting the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to operate at optimal health.

Juicing is the process of extracting the natural liquids and nutrients from fruits and vegetables for consumption. Juice cleansing allows you to shift your mind and body away from eating harmful foods, processed foods, and unnaturally sweet beverages to drinking the natural water in your produce. This type of cleansing allows your body to take a break from digesting food and gives your organs the energy and strength to get rid of harmful substances. Immediately, you will notice an increase in your brain function, your taste buds will heighten, your pain and inflammation will decrease, and of course, weight loss will follow.

Giving up cooked, fried, or baked food for a period of time seems like a terrifying idea for most people. The great news is, our body is actually designed to function without digesting cooked food for a period of time in order to restore and heal us. As you juice cleanse, ask yourself, are you willing to give up the things that cause harm to your body?